At UPstate we continue to devote most of our bandwidth to renovations and development of our Retreat Space and Rentals in Upstate, NY. Meanwhile, throughout 2016-2019 and dating as back as 2009, the space has enjoyed on-and-off programming in between construction spurts, and linked experiences in NYC, including:

Breathwork Immersion Retreats
Corporate and Creative Retreats
Certified Yoga Trainings
Kundalini Yoga Immersions
Sound Meditations
Multi-day Shamanic and Meditation Experiences
Multi-Day Art and Music Journeys 
Private Intuitive Healing and Breathwork Facilitation

Some of our partners:
BurningLamb. Paititi Institute. Hari NYC. iCrave. Woom. Handel Group. Josh Peck. Bagua Center. Shaman Durek. Donna D'Cruz and Rasa Music. Tune Studio. EBY. Sutra. Welcome Earth. Amongst others.

As we continue to upgrade the space, we continue to build collaborations and upgrade our offerings. Please contact us with any questions or initiatives.